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Urgent components Global Purchase

Suntech is specialized in the global sourcing for discontinued and hard-to-find electronic components. In the meantime, our  experts can provide you short or long term price trend and cost down solutions through the real-time market news.

We work around the clock 24hours 7days every week.

We only provide original manufacturer sealed components.

Cost Down Solutions

Suntech can make great contribution for customer to save their purchasing cost and reduce the L/T and provide fast shipping of the main parts used in mass production (High valued, large quantity, long delivery).
Suntech Sourcing system helps you to save your purchasing cost and shorten the Lead Time especially in cases of valued, volume and/or extended Lead Time.
Customer’s Forecast Procurement experienced, fast shipping delivery keeps you comfortable;
Powerful software and global system supported, state-of-the-art E-commerce applied.
Steady collaboration with 6,000 suppliers and 2000 notable manufacturers,
Long term electronic price predict and forecast experience make the certain lead time purchasing more competitive

BOM Kitting

Customers send BOMs to Suntech-->
Suntech strengthens the BOM target-->
Customers real time check -->
fast delivery to customer-->
Package price quoted for BOM whole.
Free sample test component provide possibly.

Value of BOM kitting to the customer
1. more effective strategy on supply chain management
2. reduce the time and costs of purchasing, billing, payment, logistics, and shipment.
3. Increase the flexibility of the supply chain and the sustaining improving ability


Carry out a more effective supply chain.
Keep a competitive position through a shorter lead time and a cheaper cost.
Realize a most comprehensive platform of information and resources.
Customer friendly kit consolidation. 


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