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About us


Suntech is a global independent distributor and service provider for electronic components in 2005.

In our product range you will find active(IC, Memory, chips, Transistors, Diodes).  and passive (Cap, Resistors, and Inductors etc.) electronic components made by all well-known manufacturers, an extensive range of standard components and a huge inventory of products that are no longer manufactured and hard to find.

Our modern consignment and procurement solutions will provide you flexible access to the market in order to market your excess stock at profit or to buy products that are hard to find at favorable conditions.

Suntech has 8 years of experience in the distribution of electronic components. With branch offices in the USA, Hong Kong, and a large number of cooperation partners,Suntech provides a global distribution network fulfilling all demands for speed and flexibility.

All our distribution and logistics processes are ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 certified.

Our customers are national and international Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Contract Equipment Manufacturers (CEMs), and manufacturers of different branches, who can count on us as a reliable partner in purchasing their excess inventory or taking it on consignment,In order to do the general taxpayer invoice order, we set up shenzhen shanke electronic industrial co., LTD. In shenzhen, China.



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